Roaches Extermination

Coming across a roaches in your home is never pleasant, but you may not need to freak out over a single roach. Whether you should call someone for roach control will depend on what type of roach you spot, and how many you see. There are many different types of cockroaches, but the two most common pests in the area are the American cockroach and the German cockroach. While a single German roach may be a sign of an infestation, a single American roach does not necessarily mean you have a problem. 

Once you see two roaches, regardless of whether they are American or German, then you have an infestation. You should quickly call Palm Beach Pest Control to come over and begin taking roach control measures. In short, no one likes coming across a roach in their home. A single American roach, however, is not cause for concern. Only when you see a German or multiple American roaches do you need to call an exterminator for professional roach control. Contact us to get our services.